2022 Heyday H22

Rent for as low as $917*

The Heyday H22 sports fresh aesthetics, and it rides deep and wide on the water. The extra depth means more displacement for bigger waves and wakes, and the extra beam enhances stability when the whole gang is aboard. Offering seating for 14 means the H22 provides room for everyone

Powerful Engine

A 370 hp 6.2L MerCruiser T6200 V-8 Tow Sports V-drive powers the Heyday’s fun. The stock ballast of 2,950 pounds in four undersole tanks (rear starboard, rear port, bow starboard and bow port) takes seven minutes to fill.

For surfing, we set the H22 at 12 mph and utilized the “surf left/surf right” presets with the same 415 pounds of crew weight and the trim tab in the up position. The surf wave was long with considerable amounts of push. The large pocket will allow surfers of all levels to find the sweet spot and stay in it with ease

For wakeboarding, at 22 mph with ballast full plus 415 pounds of crew and the trim tab up, the wake was clean and large but not overly intimidating. Both sides offered a good transition face, with not much lip at the top. This suits beginner to advanced riders.



In addition to the FREE Delivery Launch & Retrieval service to Lake Powell (Wahweap, Antelope Point, & Stateline Marina), this rental also includes all safety gear: life jackets, safety paddle and whistle, safety throwable, dock lines, bumpers, and anchors. Surf boards, wakeboards, water skis, tubes and other water toys are available for the rental at an additional charge. Inquire with us to see what else we have to make your trip in the water unforgettable fun for the entire group.

3 day minimum for advanced booking more than 2 weeks from rental date.

Available Ad-ons & accessories

Choose 2 toys for free excluding Wake Foil Boards and ZUP Boards

  • Wakesurf Boards – $50 /day $175 /week

  • Wake Foil Boards – $100 /day $275 /week

  • Wakeboards – $40 /day $90 /week

  • ZUP Boards – $50 /day $175 /week

  • Wakeskate – $40 /day $90 /week

  • Kneeboards – $40 /day $90 /week

  • Kids & Adult Water Skis/Slalom Skis – $40 /day $90 /week

  • One & Two-person Tubes – $40 /day $90/week

  • Three-person Tube – $75 /day $135/week